Events diary





 Monty Superstar! 2014What a fabulous year it has been with Monty and I am so lucky to have such an amazing horse. He seems to really enjoy his training and defies his body shape and lack of natural athleticism with an enormous dollop of enthusiasm. He has achieved massive things this year, progressing from competing at Novice up to Medium all this year. Fingers crossed he is still up for more in 2015!
 Chloe and CadburyHorsey MOT  OctCadbury has seen various people to get him in tip top condition for his forthcoming fixtures and is currently enjoying a wonderful holiday, getting muddy and playing with his friends in the field. Fingers crossed for vet sign off to get back on!
 Fi and Eva Saddle fit sorted OctWith a new saddle fitted there will be no stopping them now! It will be lovely to see Fi back on again and Eva will definitely appreciate having something constructive to do!
 Kate and Boysy First proper jumps!OctBoysy had his first proper jump training and loved every minute! He is a very exciting prospect and it is lovely to feel him getting stronger and growing in confidence. The jumping is also really helping him develop his canter.
 Kate and Monty BD Area FestivalOctMonty qualified for the Petplan Area Festivals at both Novice Open and Elementary Restricted. He worked in really well on both days and gained impressive scores of 68.55% and 66.64% coming 8th in each class!
 Kate and Monty BD Regional qualificationOctMonty has had an amazing season and is feeling do much stronger and balanced. he has moved up from getting a 72% Novice test to being ready to start going out at Medium. He has gained Elementary Restricted Regional Qualification in just 4 shows. Very proud of the chunky chap!
 Justin 2 more stables available!Oct  Justin has been working really hard with building a couple more stables to cope with demand! Lovely timber framed stables with an airy environment. Justin has also built a separate tack room to service the stables. Happy horses in situ!
 Kate and Monty AM Dressage training Sept We managed to fit in one more training overnight stop before the lorry becomes too cold to sleep in! Great fun again and really concentrated on improving Monty's hind leg engagement with him doing a good job of canter shoulder in on the second day.
 Megs and Diva Toomer Farm ODE Aug  Diva is back and she's raring to go! Her first event after a bit of time off and she was well up for it, giving Megs a fantastic ride and coming first in her class. Lovely to see the pair back in action.
 Just and Oz, Kate and Monty Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show Aug Oz's second show and a great part of his training! The show was really busy and Oz was amazing with Just doing a great job of keeping him concentrating, coming fourth in the class. Monty on the other hand was naughty in his Novice Hunter Class, had eyes on stalks in the main ring, decided waiting around was boring and nearly ditched the ride judge!! Well sat. I think we may forget the showing career!
 Kate and Monty Moreton BD Area Festival AugMonty qualified for the PetPlan Area Festival for the Novice Open class so we went to Moreton in Dorset. He coped brilliantly with the busier atmosphere and although we couldn't do a first warm up test, he was amazing and got 68.55% and came 13th out of 39 just missing out on the prize giving by .4% 
 Just and Oz Mid Somerset Show AugAfter a bit of practice in the in-hand bridle Oz went to his first show and although incredibly excited about the whole thing behaved well and came fourth. He looked stunning all clean and plaited!
 Kate and MontyTraining with AM Dressage JulyMonty and I went away on a little holiday to Gloucestershire for two days training with Matt Frost. A fabulous two sessions which I feel has really helped us to progress and a fabulous opportunity to learn watching others ride.
 Megan and Sindy Tweseldown One Day Event JulyOnly their third event together and every time Megan improves. After a last minute emergency alternative dressage test re-learn, Megan managed to keep it together and finish on a very respectable 40 points with one pole rolled in SJ and a lovely clear xcountry round. 
 Boysy Grown up and working! JulyAfter taking it really slowly to start Boysy in his work, he has taken to being ridden without a care! He is such a lovely character and so far seems totally unfazed in his work. Fingers crossed the laid back attitude continues!
 Zeus, Avril, Bee Breaking and Training July It has been a busy summer with horses coming in for breaking in and training. All horses have been lovely to do and thoroughly enjoyable to work with. Zeus has gone on to a lovely loan home and Avril and Bee will be reunited with their owners soon.
 Tanya and Cash Kingfisher Equestrian JuneTanya didn't ever think she would see the day that she and Cash actually got out and went to a show under saddle. What a fantastic achievement to go to the dressage show and do a willing test with some really nice comments from the judge. When's the next one?! Fab job.
 Megan and Diva Kingfisher Equestrian June Just to prove that Diva isn't past it and there is plenty of life in her yet, Megan took Diva out to the dressage show. In a very strong field they came a very respectable 3rd.
 Jess and Kiwi Ashton Show JuneJess has been working so hard, preparing herself for trying some Working Hunter classes this year. She had her first go at the weekend and did a great job. Now with this experience under her belt, Jess can really have the confidence to go out again - oh and practice cantering in a snaffle!
Kate & MontyHalf Moon Dressage MayThe weather was definitely not up for a dressage competition today with gale force winds! Nevertheless, there was a good turn out and Monty is really showing more maturity every time we go out. 1st in N27 and 2nd N30 only due to stupid pilot error of course!
Megan & Cindi, Kate & MontyDorset showground showjumping MayFirst time out jumping on grass this season for Cindi and first time ever for Monty. Really interesting how both horses were so different to jump compared to in an arena. Cindi was a lot stronger and Monty just downed tools! Studs required for better confidence next time but a great learning experience and both behaved well in such a buzzy atmosphere.
 Megan & Cindi Toomer Hunter Trial AprilA cracking round by Megan & Cindi, with a bit of dodgy scoring/time keeping by the officials! Finally all got sorted out and Megan was declared winner!
 Kate & Monty Wellbeck Dressage April First time at this venue and it was quite spooky! Monty didnt take to the banners in the arena well but worked through it and I was really please with how he went. Shame the judge didn't agree!
 Kate & MontyWest Wilts affiliated Dressage April Have finally registered Monty so now is the time to get cracking! Got our first points and I was really please with how he went in the warm up especially as it was blowing a gale and snowing!
 Megan & CindiLarkhill affiliated one day event AprilMegan did a great job of holding it together after a very excited Cindi did her own version of the dressage test and got a fabulous double clear. A very respectable start to their season.
Emilie & DinkiBadgworth show jumping MarchAfter only a week, Dinki proved what great potential she has by jumping two fabulous rounds, finishing 2nd and 5th. More exciting times to come! 
Megan & Cindi, Sarah and MabelToomer Farm x-country schooling MarchGreat to be out across country at last after such a long time due to injury and soggy ground conditions. A great pre-run for Megan in preparation for the season and a fabulous first experience for Sarah and the sterling Mabel.
 Kate & MontyHalf Moon Dressage MarchA bit of education for Monty going out to his first affiliated show to see if he has grown up a bit! He could have worked better but did well enough and gave me a wake up call to make sure I warm up more thoroughly to get him more through. Thanks to Jane for coming with me in case of emergency!
 Jess & KiwiBadgworth Show JumpingMarchJess has really been working on her confidence with jumping and overcame her nerves to take Kiwi to a show. Three clear rounds later, she came back grinning ear to ear and is feeling great about jumping now
 Megan & Cindi
Badgworth Show Jumping
Feb Megan has been doing a fabulous job of building a partnership with her new horse and her efforts were rewarded with a clear round and just one rolled pole in the jump off for overall 6th place.
  New show jumps DecThe fantastic jump for joy show jumps have arrived! Should make life a bit easier as they will be lighter to carry and won't need painting. Who is going to try them out first?!
 All of Orchard Farm Christmas party DecThe indoor school was transformed with decorations and banners and looked a very fitting venue for our Christmas bash. Mulled wine and chilli kept the body temperature up as did some rather bad dancing!
 Jane, Megan & KateEdge of Glory Tour with Geoff Billington and Oliver Townend DecA really good night, great fun and the boys made a great comedy duo! The horses were all so talented and it was interesting to see their youngsters and remember the ones to watch for the future.
 Kate & FionaBritish Dressage Convention NovI finally got to see Valegro! Of course he deserved double gold.  A fabulous day with stunning horses and a lot of ideas to put into practice. Remember as Carl says - training a horse is easy!
 Foula and CirceNational inter-schools show jumping NovFoula did a fab job of piloting Circe around the track, for the only clear round of her team. This was despite a very hairy warm up in the rather conjested arena! Well sat Foula!
New horse handling barn The horse handling barn is now open! OctThe barn includes a washdown area with mats and a 'dry' treatment area for clipping/shoeing etc. Should make life a bit easier and keep the yard tidier and safer.
 Zeus and Nooks Training complete - for now! OctBoth horses really enjoyed their routine and work over the past 6 weeks, with Zeus proving the great potential he has as a lovely little show cob and Nooks engaging well with training and the first stages of ridden work. It is lovely to see them both return home as confident and willing youngsters. We look forward to seeing them back in the Spring.
Megan and Diva, Megan and Rocky Toomer Farm cross country schooling OctBoth Megan's were eagerly awaiting their day at Toomer! Big Megan wanted to test her skills amd brakes post accident and little Megan needed to take Rocky through his paces.
 Monty  All grown up jumping dude SeptAs a typical youngster, Monty is weak in the canter, but as part of our jump training session he maintained a great bouncy canter throughout take off and landing on a 90cm track. He is starting to get it! Must start going out with him on a ticket
 Megan Back in the saddle! Sept After a nasty fall, which put a temporary stop to Megan's equestrian exploits, she is now firmly back in the saddle. Go girl!
 Zeus and Nooks Arrival at Orchard Farm SeptNew recruits! Both horses are here for training to prepare them for a great future ahead.
 Tango Sold to a lovely home Aug With Tango's return to be sold, it was important to match up the right home for him, where he could continue to progress. Ryan and Tango made a great partnership and it will be lovely to see Tango increase Ryans' confidence jumping. A lovely success story of Breaking to new partnership.
 Tanya, Kate and Tango Kingfisher Dressage AugTango's first outing! He loved all the attention getting ready, loaded first time and was an absolute star at the competition. 69.6% and joint fifth in the first test and for the second test, Tanya competed in her first dressage test in 10 years, overcoming a few nerves to ride a lovely test with 60.9%.
 Catherine and Harry Kingfisher Dressage JulyCatherine has been working really hard over the past few months and Harry has really come up in his work and looks amazing physically. The hard work was rewarded at the competition with fabulous results - 3rd in Prelim 1 with best turned out and 4th in Prelim 7.
 Kate and AmberAmbers first competition - Half Moon Dressage JulyThe time has come to take Amber into the big wide world! She was a dream to plait, loaded calmly and travelled well. She started tense in the warm up but then relaxed and got into her work, working in with at least 5 others. With some lovely work under our belt, it was our time to do the test - however, she had a frozen moment when faced with a new arena, white boards and a car! Lots of familiarisation to be done at home and then we'll go out again.
 Lydia and PippaPippa's new home July Pippa has found a lovely home with Lydia just down the road from here. She has got two friends to play with in the field and lots of grass! Wishing Lydia hours of fun and we look forward to seeing her back for lessons
 Megan and DivaDorset Showground show jumping JuneMegan and Diva stepped up a gear with great success and entered the affiliated 3'3" and 3'6" classes. Diva jumped brilliantly and had just one down in the first class and then got a double clear and came third in the second class!
 Kate and MontyMock dressage test with Helen Griffiths and Alicia Anderson June
Monty had a very good try at his first Novice test, even getting a 9! There are areas for improvement but he gave it his best shot, especially the new movements. BD registration won't be far off!
 Tango Going home MayTango is ready and raring to go after his training camp. It is lovely to see him go home full of confidence and ready to start his career.
 Megan and Rocky Kingfisher show jumping MayThe difference in this combination is a joy to see! Megan had a really succesful day, coming 3rd in the 2'6" and winning the 2'9"/3'!! Well done.
 Tanya and CashTraining progression  MayCash is looking amazing, really muscled and in great condition now he is back in work. They have been making great progress, hacking, schooling and jumping - all without a lame step.
 Pippa and Tango Jumping with a rider! May Both of the youngsters have been progressing brilliantly, really wanting to work and going forward. They both have proved their ability as future jumping ponies, taking it all in their stride!
 Cherry Megan's new horseMay Cherry is a new project for Megan, to break in and bring on. She is very sweet and incredibly pretty. Diva seems a little jealous!
 Megan and DivaBSV Show at Wincanton Racecourse AprilTrying their hooves and hands at something slightly different, they entered the open working hunter class and finished third. Imagine what could have been if the feathers had been trimmed off ... Also third in the 3ft show jumping.
 Megan and DivaToomer Farm Hunter Trials AprilFirst place in the 3ft! A truly amazing day, proving that this combination have really clicked and all the hard work Megan has put in has paid off. Fabulous!
 Suzie Peacock Biomechanics insight  April Suzie has been over from the States for clinics in SW England and has been enlightening us all to her way of training, focusing on rider biomechanics.
 Tango Training camp AprilTango has arrived for a few weeks of breaking and schooling.
 Megan and Rocky Show jumping day camp AprilMegan had verbal diarrhea after this day! Even three foot looks small she said! maybe Megan won't just specialise in dressage now!
 Kate and Monty Kingfisher show jumping AprilMonty is a fabulous little horse in the making - no confidence loss from last time. Double clear in the first class with sixth even with a slow trot jump off and just a plank tipped in the second class jump off
 Megan and Rocky Kingfisher show jumping AprilThere is no stopping Megan and Rocky now! A really calm and consistent clear round, repeated in the class, resulting in fourth place. Excellent result and it just proves that you can do it Megan!
 Megan and Diva West Wilts show jumping AprilDiva demonstated again that she is really starting to get that show jumping isn't all about galloping! A tidy round and fast jump off ended in a great result of second place.
 Catherine and Harry OMG!! Topline!! AprilHarry looks like a million dollars after Catherine's hard work of slowly building up his topline and good old Orchard Farm grass! Competitions are now being scheduled ...
 Tanya and Cash Back on board! April The day Tanya has been waiting for! Cash is officially back in work and Tanya's smile is from ear to ear. Slow progression now is planned to really get him back up to full fitness and soundness.
 Megan and Diva Kingfisher Dressage March 72% in the prelim with second place and 62% in Megs first ever Novice meant another progress step for this pair.
 Pippa New home March We picked up Pippa to start her new life as a family pony. Wormed, bathed and trimmed, she is looking more like it! Now starts the fun of humanising and training her to be a confident pony.
 Megan and DivaToomer Farm Hunter Trial March After a six hour wait with very happy parents, Megan proved it was worth the wait, finishing second in a very crowded class - fab result.
 Kate and Monty Kingfisher Show JumpingMarchReally pleased with a very grown up day out. he worked in sensibly and gradually reduced his overzealous canter throughout the day! Clear in the 2'6" with a pole rolled in the jump off and clear in the 3' but a crashing fall in the jump off stole our thunder! Another learning experience ...
 Megan and Diva Cross Country schooling at ToomerMarch  Diva was on fire! Clearing all fences with ease and with a controlled flowing canter. There are only two jumps left for the pair to complete at Toomer now!
 Vicki and CruizeJump training with Hugo Froud  March After a few months out of jump training, Cruize set to work and had a really good session, springing off the hocks much better. His first point to point race is planned for April
 Tanya and Cash Hoof re-modelling March Cash has now got a nice new looking hoof with his nasty crack having been drilled, sculpted and filled by the farrier. Onwards and upwards now Tanya!
 Kate and Catherine Conrad Schumacher clinic March A fabulous opportunity to watch Conrad train a variety of ridden partnerships. Lots of ideas scribbled down to put into practice when next on board. Watch out Harry and Blaze!
Kate, Catherine, Megan and MeganHelen Griffiths flatwork clinic March We all really enjoyed our lessons with Helen and each of us felt that we had progressed and some good homework to get on with! Helen will be coming on a weekly basis.
 Megan and Rocky  Pony club SJ rally  February After a few tricky weeks and an intensive weeks training with Kate, Rocky proved to be the talented pony we all knew he can be! Megan rode in a lovely soft way and they had a lovely time. Keep it going!
 Megan and Diva  Kingfisher dressage  February Megan got a hat trick! A beautiful test in the first class resulted in three rosettes - 1st, best U16 and best turned out. The second class was equally as pleasing with a second place. What a dressage diva!
 Kate and Monty Kingfisher dressage   February The weather made it a bit touch and go and plaits were rapidly banded in. Monty was fabulously behaved and managed to maintain the canter work in a balanced, if a bit speedy, way. Third with 65% in P7.
 Justin and Justin New rubber brick floor for the walker  January Wow! the Justin's have come up trumps again! The walker is now better than ever with a new rubber brick flooring - great cushioning and grip.
 Amber  Pole work  November  A major achievement for Amber - she is gradually overcoming her debilitating fear of poles and managed to trot calmly over 5 poles on both reins!!
 Doughnut  Retirement home  November  The lovely gentleman Doughnut has arrived to enjoy his retirement years at Orchard Farm
 Kate and Monty  Half Moon  November  A good day out with Monty behaving himself at a new venue. The canter 20m circles are still a bit unbalanced but had some lovely trot work in P1.
 Megan and Diva  Kingfisher  October  Heading off to Toomer Farm for the last of the season (hunter trial) but when we got there, we could not get in - teach us not to prebook. Dashed of to Kingfisher to try some showjumping. Knockdown in the 3ft but pulled back to get first in the open. Good thing we keep my change of clothes in the lorry.
 Kate and Monty  Kingfisher  October  I love this little horse! First SJ trip out at a new venue and jumped a fabulous clear round. Looking forward to many more jump competitions to come!
 Megan and Diva  West Wilts EC  October  Only been to West Wilts once before and having a clear round cross country last time, meant I could not wait to go back. Super clear in the intermediate class with a fantastic result of coming 3rd out of 74.
 Megan and Diva  B&SV hunter trial  October  After sat nav took us 30mins out of our way (grumpy mum) Diva and I managed a very respectable 7th place in the 2.9ft .
 Megan and Diva  West Wilts EC  October  Went clear in the intermediate. Will have to sort out Diva in the time section as we need to slow down for the maze.
 Megan and Diva  Pontispool  September  Again jumping clear at 2.9-3ft. Went for the long route to be safe but cost me getting placed. Came 17th out of 85.
 Megan and Diva          Toomer Farm  September  We had a great time jumping around the red course which is 2.9-3ft. Had a hiccup with my saddle slipping so jumped the wrong jump.
 Megan and Diva  B&SV pc one day event  August  Had a great day even though the dressage judge made a mistake! But still did two fab clear rounds in the show jumping and cross country and came 3rd on just our dressage score.
 Kate and Blaze  South West inter-county dressage  August  Very exciting to be part of the Somerset team for this new competition. Blaze tried his best for me and coped really well with the flags and other arena paraphenelia to give two flowing tests.
 Megan and Diva  Shepton show  August  My first big show didn't go too badly! After the bump in the warm up Diva and I went into the jumping ring and  came out with only two knocked down, so very happy.
 Kate and Monty  Stourhead Show  August  Oh dear, looks like the teenage tantrums are now upon us! Monty thinks he knows everything about shows now with 'why should I' about everything
 Chloe  Back home  August  With a healthy heart beat scan and the all clear from the vet, we brought Chloe home. Only 10 and a half months to wait ....
 Megan and Diva   Blackmore and Sparkford  vale pony club senoir camp  August I had a wonderful time at camp, riding twice a day and what a suprise we had a water fight! It was a small one, but it was still one.
 Kate and Monty  Somerton Show July   First time ridden off the yard could have been a bit dramatic but we managed to keep it together for a fantastic first dressage comp with 66% and 3rd place!
 Emma and Monty  Somerton Show  July With a five minute test run the day before, Emma did a fab job of keeping Mont in order for the in hand coloured class, with only a couple of slight wobbles!
 Chloe  Pregnancy take 3  July  Fab news! The scan has shown a positive pregnancy for Chloe. We will leave her at stud until the heartbeat scan for safety and then bring her home
 Megan and Diva  Banwell equestrian  July It was a really good day as I qualified for Cricklands David Broome Event Centre, getting 63.75% in prelim 14 plus also coming 3rd in my class.
 Megan and Diva  Naydon equestrian  July  Even though Isla was everywhere wanting to ride Diva,we still did our best dressage test ever, getting 68.63% .
 Megan and Rocky  Up and running  July  With a thorough MOT of back and saddle, Megan and Rocky are well on their way of creating a solid partnership for exciting times to come.
 Megan and Diva  congresbury horse show   June  What a day! it was boiling and full of flys but still got a 4th/3rd/2nd in the show jumping.
 Chloe  Pregnancy?  June  Second scan confirms Chloe is not in foal. But hey thats nature! Trying again ...
 Kate and Blaze  Half Moon Dressage  June  Somehow managed to dodge the terential rain showers with an ok test, although lacking impulsion at times. Finished fourth in E50
 Jenny and Tiggy  Kingfisher Dressage  June  First time out in over a year and great success of a calm and willing warm up and test. Sets up a good foundation for more competitions this season!
 Megan and Diva  Pony Club team show jumping  June  Another great performance from this exciting partnership! Despite the hammering rain and slippery conditions, the BSV team finished fourth overall.
 Kate and Blaze  Stretcholt Dressage  June  First time at the venue and the rumours of spooky arena are true (think the green stool may have been the culprit!). Just about held it together to get 6th place in E43.
 Belinda and Prelude  Stretcholt Dressage  June  After injuries and missed opportunities, they finally made it to a competition! Both had a happy experience and enjoyed being out and about again.
 Chloe  First foal  May  Lots of driving around with frozen semen in the back of the car, late nights and scanning, we finally inseminated Chloe. Will she or won't she take???
 Megan and Diva  BSV pony club show, Wincanton  May  Lovely show at a great location with megan riding a lovely class to come 2nd in the Working Hunter.
 Megan and Diva  Wyle Valley Pony Club hunter trials  17th April  Great result after a very long wait! A cracking clear round with final placing 6th.
 Lilly and Pudding  Pudding arrives!  11th April  Lilly's first pony has arrived! The cutest skewbald 11.2hh fluffy boy. Lots of fun to come!
 Megan and Diva  Toomer Farm Hunter Trials  Sun 10th April  First time out as a combination across country and a lovely controlled flowing round. Plenty of potential.
 Helen and Quienta  Kingfisher Dressage  Sun 10th April  Well done Helen - first ever test and competition now under your belt! Looking forward to the next one ... 
 Emma and Felix  Kingfisher Dressage  Sun 10th April  Emma rode a lovely test and suprised herself by enjoying her first ever dressage competition with people watching! Great result with 69.1% and overall 6th place.
 Kate and Blaze  Half Moon Dressage  Thurs 7th April Blaze relaxed better this time and did a tidy test with some lovely canter work scoring 7's. Final score 62.5% and fourth place in restricted elementary 50.
 Megan and Diva  Kingfisher Jumping  Sun 3rd April Megan found her brakes and came 2nd in 90cm and 1st in 1m. Congratulations!