Chloe's Foal Diary

Ozzie's first show!
After a bit of practice in the in hand bridle, Justin took Oz to the Mid Somerset and Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show this Aug to gain experience and give him a bit of education. He was so well behaved at both shows and by the second show was almost a pro! He did a great job and came fourth in both classes.
One year old!
Time goes so fast! Ozzie has now turned one and is looking more and more handsome as time goes on (not biased of course!). He is now in his own field with his buddies next door and is finally understanding that people are not his toys! The plan is to take him to a couple of shows soon if all goes well, so is starting to have his in-hand bridle introduced to him!
Six months old
We cannot believe how big Ozzie is! There goes the plan of breeding a foal to be no higher than 16.2hh! He is still a lovable young man and is getting really brave and inquisitive. He is becoming more of a cheeky chap and will try throwing his weight around a bit, but is also listening when we tell him maybe he should cool it! Mum and foal are still doing ok together, so  we aren't too worried about weaning yet - will try and leave them together for the worst of the winter to save any loss of condition from stress. They spend a bit of time apart already in the next door stable, or when Ozzie goes wandering down the yard, so we are hoping it won't be too traumatic when the time comes! 
Four months old
Have seriously been neglecting photo duties. Ozzie has grown loads and is sporting a fabulously soft and wooly winter coat which is so dark! He loves his grub and has buddied up with Monty, his best mate next door. He is picking up new things really quickly and now picks up all feet every night and is leading out in a headcollar with the rope clipped on.
Six weeks old
Foalie is proving to be a real sweetie - a bit cheeky with plenty of zest! The rainy weather has prevented him being out at night but he is having a lovely time when the sun does eventually come out! he was microchipped today, so he will have his papers sent off to the British Hanovarian Horse Society for a passport. Which means we have to have decided upon a name ... 'Orchards Bamboozle' or 'Ozzie' for short.
One week old
We really must come up with a name ...
With not long to go and as the first time we have experienced one of our horses being in foal, we thought it maybe useful to diarise the last few weeks of Chloe's pregnancy, as this is where it will all starts to happen! Chloe is blooming and has really taken to the idea of being a Mummy and we are sure she will take everything in her stride from now on too. It's just Justin and I who are the nervous wrecks, worrying about everything that could go wrong!
We have a due date of 20/6/12, so lets see what happens!
One week to go
Ha Ha! Not one week to go in Chloes world. We woke up this morning to eight legs in the field! Having checked her at 2130 last night and the vet checking her and agreeing she had a way to go, Chloe produced a leggy little colt without any of us expecting or being prepared for it. A very clever Mare, doing it all by herself with the rest of the herd looking on - apart from the initial panic, lovely to have it more as nature intended. Both are well and bright, the vet has checked over the foal and confirmed everything is ok. He just kept laughing at us and saying how now is when the fun begins ... Enjoy the photos - a bit cuter than the gynaecalogical ones further down!
Two weeks to go
Things have started to change! Chloe has started to develop boobs and she is waxing up! She looks really well and there is muddy evidence that she is still having a good roll. Having read the 'how to' books last night, apparently her stable should already be disinfected with the deep straw bed down in readiness. So have the Jays fluid ready to clean out tomorrow! Didn't take her rug off for the photoshoot as too wet and cold.
Three weeks to go
Chloe is looking very relaxed and is finally venturing further to the bottom of her field to find the fresh grass. The only main difference this week has been that she is now grunting at any horse that happens to come near her or go past!
Four weeks to go
Gave Chloe a bath today as the weather has at last got warmer, to make sure she is squeaky clean and to remove any muddy residues from under her belly, boobs and legs. Took a few pics so we have a record of any changes over the next few weeks!