About Us

We have many years of experience of looking after, training and competing horses.

We aim to offer a supportive and approachable environment, combined with fantastic facilities, to enable structured and progressive riding, which is enjoyable!

Kate has been riding since a very young age. She is passionate about giving horses the time to be trained correctly without short cuts and believes in keeping life interesting for the horses, so they can enjoy their work. She works on the theory that any horse has the potential to shine given the right environment and that our horses deserve the best care tailored to their individual needs. She competes her horses at affiliated dressage and unaffiliated show jumping .

Justin has been persuaded into the horsey way of life and now thoroughly enjoys assisting with mucking out duties! He is an amazing 'handy man', constructing all of the facilities and keeps on top of yard maintenance, so it all runs smoothly! Justin has also been very successful with showing our youngsters at local events.

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